Cain’s Ballroom Employees Band Together Through Pandemic

Friday, July 24th 2020, 5:45 pm
By: Austin Hernandez

TULSA, Okla. -

It’s difficult to keep employees on the job at Cain’s Ballroom right now since no events are being booked due to COVID-19.

Kelli Brown, who works at Cain's Ballroom, and her coworkers face a tough situation, but Brown and the Cain's Ballroom staff are sticking together and picking up meals for one another at their local food bank.

“We have some food warriors that are communicating constantly every day about where to go tomorrow, who might need a box,  if they have something extra or if they need something for one of their people” said Brown.

Selling merchandise is one source of income for Cain's now. It's not much but Brown said every little bit helps. 

Even though times are tough right now, she's finding ways to help others. Brown started a diaper drive and accepting food donations for others and pets.

"When I don't know what to do about something, I've got no answers and I feel out of hope, the best thing I know is just to help others. Just taking care of people and looking out for one another during tough times brings me joy” Brown said.

David Ward is a manager at Cain's Ballroom and said he checks in with employees to make sure they're remaining optimistic. He has hopes one day Cain's Ballroom will come back to life.

Wards says, "This will end, I don't know when, when it does, we're going to open the doors and hope everyone comes back. I look forward to seeing everyone again.”

If you’d like to help out, you can purchase Cain’s merchandise, support employees through this site, or through this Save Our Stages website.