Muskogee Police Share Body Cam Footage Amidst Social Media Response To Incident

Friday, July 24th 2020, 6:18 pm
By: Kristen Weaver


Muskogee Police are clearing up rumors tonight after a video circulated on social media, that appeared to show their officers assaulting a woman.

They released body camera video that clears up what actually happened. The video taken across the street and posted is completely different than what really happened.

Police said it's a good reminder for people to always seek out both sides to a story.

A woman across the street from a Muskogee home began recording what seemed like an altercation between a woman and police, saying the woman hadn't done anything wrong.

"They threw her on the ground screaming and hollering and said she's pregnant," the woman said in the video posted to social media. 

Muskogee police said they were called to the home for a domestic abuse report on Sunday, but when they arrived, police said there were no signs of abuse. The officers realized the woman in the home, Mylania Hamilton, had current felony warrants for her arrest.

The body camera footage shows Hamilton becoming angrier as police call in back up. Police said when Hamilton realized someone was recording across the street, she began screaming and saying the officers weren't real cops.

"I'm pregnant and you're doing nothing," Hamilton said in the video.

Police begin to handcuff her, and Hamilton begins banging her head on the concrete. Then she kicks an officer.

"The majority of the time when you see that, compliance is all we ask for," said Chief Johnny Teehee.

Eventually, they did take Hamilton into custody.

"I'm not doing nothing wrong," she told officers. 

Chief Johnny Teehee said his officers acted appropriately and is thankful they were wearing body cameras and believes it's something every department in the country must have.

"When we have something like that on social media, give us or the other side an opportunity to tell the other side," Teehee said.

Hamilton was arrested for resisting officers and her warrants that included first degree burglary.