Judge Considers Whether To Release Former Mannford Officer On Bond

Thursday, July 30th 2020, 5:22 pm
By: Amy Slanchik

A former Mannford police officer accused of killing his chief, had a bond hearing Thursday in Florida.  

Court documents show new information about what Mike Nealey’s defense might be against the murder charge. Documents said Nealey has COVID-19, a kidney stone and infection, and asthma. 

In court Thursday, his attorney asked for Nealey to be released on bond. The Florida State Attorney’s Office said on the phone that the judge took it under advisement and will issue a ruling at a later time.  

Nealey is currently being held on a $1.5 million dollar bond.   

He is charged with killing Lucky Miller, who was Mannford’s police chief, last November when the 2 were in Florida for a police training conference. 

Court documents said Nealey’s attorney requested access to 3 cell phones in evidence. The attorney, Gene Mitchell, claims in the documents that video on Miller's phone shows Nealey sleeping in the hotel room. The defense attorney argued that could prove Nealey did not have criminal intent. 

In a letter to the judge, Mitchell wrote, "If this were a trial, our case would be that nobody knows what happened. It is awful that Mr. Miller died. The most plausible explanation is that a very drunken Mr. Miller found his way over to the bed where Mr. Nealey was and the 2 drunk men engaged in unconscious behavior resulting in their rolling off the bed, with Mr. Nealey winding up on top."  

The attorney went on and said in the letter he hopes prosecutors will dismiss the case against Nealey. 

Prosecutors said Miller’s family listened to Thursday’s virtual court hearing through Zoom.  

Nealey’s next court date is September 23.