Owasso, Jenks Parents Create Petitions To Oppose Start With Distance Learning

Wednesday, August 5th 2020, 4:12 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Some Owasso and Jenks parents started a petition to change the decision for distance learning.

Those parents said they don’t agree with the decision and want to see their kids back in the classroom. After the districts announced they will begin the school year with distance learning only, some parents took to social media and created a petition on change.org and it began circulating.  

“They’re doing what they think is best, but really the question should be probably better directed to the epidemiologist and say we would like to question your guidance for Owasso Public Schools," said Owasso Superintendent Amy Fichtner. 

Owasso will begin the school year with distance learning. Owasso Superintendent said she understands the frustrations of parents, but stands by the board's decision. “This is not an Amy Fichtner decision this is a decision based on guidance from medical professionals. Even the state department of education guidance is from medical professionals," said Superintendent Fichtner.

On the change.org website, some Jenks parents said they filed out the schools survey and said they want the kids back in the classrooms. “There was always a caveat to that and it was printed on all the material that we released that we would do that as long as it was safe and when it was not we would pivot to distance learning," said Jenks Public Schools Chief Information Officer Bonnie Rogers.

Rogers said the district has not set a deadline for when students could head back to the classroom. “Unfortunately with the numbers rising through the months of July and when we look at the level that we are at now it is a situation where we are at the point where we have to depend on distance learning to keep everybody safe," said Rogers.