Green Country Corn Mural Supports Medical Workers

Wednesday, August 5th 2020, 4:21 pm
By: Matt Rahn

PORTER, Okla. -

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, there’s been all sorts of tributes to medical workers, but one tribute in Green Country is truly a-MAZE-ing.

Livesay Orchards in Porter is known for its peaches, but their field of corn is making its own statement.

From the ground, there's not much to see, but from the air, a message is taking form. A corn maze spells out “Thank You 2020” along with a medical symbol.

Dawna Livesay and her family thought long and hard about the meaningful message. 

"When we finally came up with the idea of using a medical theme and saying thank you, we were like 'yes that's what we've been looking for'," said Livesay.

The corn maze is for upcoming fall activities at Livesay Orchards. Dawna helps pick out the theme every year but wanted this year to be special.

"I've always had respect for the medical field because they go out in very unpleasant circumstances and help people," Livesay said.

Since the maze won't be completely ready until September, Dawna didn't expect anyone to see it. But as chance would have it someone did; exactly the type of people the message was meant for.

"We saw the field out there and we didn't really know what it was at first so we kind of banked over and took a look and we saw that it was an appreciation for medical personnel," said Pilot William Higgins.

Higgins flies for an Air Evac Lifeteam based in Muskogee. They were on their way back from a flight when they saw the message. The crew snapped a photo and posted it online.

"I was shocked when I was scrolling through Facebook and I thought that looks like our maze, that is our maze," said Livesay.

Dawna was happy the message reached the crew and made a positive impact.

"It was awesome, you know, appreciation for first responders especially nowadays its really nice to see and it's appreciated especially from the local community," said Higgins.

Come October, Dawna hopes to fix some of the brown patches in the maze to make the message stand out even more.