Tulsa 10-Year-Old Donates Lemonade Stand Sales To Homeless In Need

Monday, August 17th 2020, 5:45 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

TULSA, Okla. -

"I was the boss for 22 years and now my grandson, my 10-year-old grandson, is my boss,” said Jayden William’s granny, Nicole Anderson.

A Tulsa 5th grader is not only running his own business, but also donates half of what he makes to the homeless.

A couple of months ago, two of Jayden’s family members went to the Tulsa Day Center to get help they needed. Jayden said watching his own family struggle impacted him in a big way. He knew he wanted to help.

While most kids are sleeping in, Jayden is getting his lemonade stand ready for customers. He sells what he calls his ‘famous lemonade’ and he also sells food.

"As soon as I made it, I just wanted to sell it, how good it was," said Jayden.

His mom and grandmother help him run Jay’s Lemonade Stand and it’s a good thing he has help, because the business is growing.

"Not only has he started his business, but from his business, he has had three of his cousins start a business," said Jayden’s mom Janea Tottress.

Jayden said he uses part of his profits to buy canned foods and clothes for the homeless.

"I just like helping the community because the money that we make, half of it goes to the day center," said Jayden.

He also said he uses the money to make sack lunches that he passes out to people in need on the streets. Jayden also goes to serve hot meals at the Tulsa Day Center.

"I feel great that it is my son who is spreading that message," said Tottress.

Jayden uses the leftover money to buy supplies for his stand and said he is saving the rest.

“I feel like it is natural because all people are supposed to have a lot of heart,” said Jayden.

You can support Jay’s Lemonade Stand and 22 other kid entrepreneurs at the Kids Vendors Event this weekend, August 22 from 12 -5 p.m. at O’Brien Park and Recreation Center.

You can also support Jayden here and learn more about the Tulsa Day Center.