Search For Missing Welch Girls Comes Up Empty

Tuesday, August 18th 2020, 5:13 pm
By: Emory Bryan

PICHER, Okla. -

Investigators went to a ‘promising site’ in Picher Tuesday to search for the bodies of the missing ‘Welch Girls,’ but found nothing.

Investigators thought there was a lead in Picher as it was the first time they’ve been directed to a specific site by a person connected to the murders.

The only man convicted in the murders of the Welch girls would get out of prison early if he led investigators to the bodies, and he led them to a spot in Picher, but after hours of digging, investigators found nothing.

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The two girls, Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible, went missing in 1999 after Freeman's parents were murdered.

Tuesday, in Picher, investigators dug out an old root cellar on land where there was once a house. One of the men involved in the murders once lived here, but he has since died.

Investigators had it dug out, but found it was full of dirt and nothing else.

The lead was from Ronnie Busick, convicted of being an accessory to the murders, who believes the bodies are in a root cellar, and he thought it was on this property.

“We've done this so many times before, it's just another day. We just keep going. We sit here and watch the dirt come up and out and there's nothing and we just go on,” said Lisa Bible Broderick, a member of the Bible family.

The investigators said they will search some mine shafts next based on other leads they have. Prosecutors said Busick only has until August 31 to give them information on the bodies or the deal for a lesser sentence is off.