Collinsville Students Head Back To The Classroom

Thursday, August 20th 2020, 8:14 am
By: Cal Day


Collinsville students will start heading back into the classroom for the first time in five months.

Collinsville is asking both students and teachers to complete a self-screen at home before they come to any building to make sure they don’t have any sign of being sick.  

The district’s return to classroom plan is based off four different colors--with ‘green’ being the most manageable to return to school and ‘red’ indicating a scenario where they could possibly have to close buildings again.

Each change in color indicates additional steps the district will take to combat any spread of COVID-19. 

The district is starting off in the green plan, which calls for regular school procedures with COVID-19 protocols.

This also means there will be general disinfecting and cleaning in classrooms and other high contact areas.

Students will see traffic flow pointed in specific directions and other markings to enforce physical distancing.

The district is encouraging the use of masks - and at least one will be handed out to both students and teachers, but they will only be required in designated “Mask Zones.”

Those are areas the school says physical distancing cannot be accomplished like on buses. This could change if they move to a different color on their plan.

The district is also offering an all virtual course as well as a distance-learning option.

If the schools are forced to close, all classes would resume online.