School In Session For Many Districts Amidst COVID-19 Challenges

Monday, August 24th 2020, 9:18 pm
By: Kristen Weaver

TULSA, Okla. -

Many school districts in the Tulsa area had their first day of class Monday, some meeting virtually and some meeting in-person.

Whether kids walked into class Monday morning or simply logged on, a lot looks different, but parents said it’s good for their kids to be back.

School is in session for Union, Jenks, and Sapulpa Public Schools and many more across Green Country.

"We're all kind of in unchartered territory here with one third of our students going virtual," said John Federline.

John Federline is the Executive Director of Secondary Education at Union. He said all things considered, today went smoothly.

"Being around all the different sights and anxieties, they did a good job of alleviating them," said Federline.

He said social distancing was in place and all the kids had to wear a mask. Union is also deep cleaning and using plexiglass to divide tables.

Federline said this week is aimed at figuring out technical difficulties for those who chose virtual learning.

In Sapulpa, Lee Ward sent his four boys off to class on Monday, masks on.

"They had to wear their mask and parents weren't allowed in, but the staff there really took care of the kids," Ward said.

Sapulpa also has many safety measures in place like social distancing and one-way signs in the halls.

Ward, a single dad, said he is grateful his kids could be back in class, so his kids get more one-on-one interaction.

"The kids got IEPs and need more one on one connection with their teachers," said Ward. "Being back in school will help them a lot."

Jenks Public Schools also had its first day of distance learning today, and a district spokesperson said things were successful.

The district said it's waiting until COVID-19 numbers go down before it makes the switch back to in-person learning.

All three districts said they're closely monitoring COVID-19 numbers and want to make sure every decision made will be for the safety of their kids.