2 Glenpool Kindergarten Classes Learning From Home After Positive COVID-19 Cases

Wednesday, August 26th 2020, 6:21 pm
By: Amy Slanchik


Eighty students and four teachers at Glenpool Public Schools are in quarantine right now, after two students tested positive for COVID-19.  

Two kindergarten classes have shifted to distance learning. Some kindergarten students were already learning from home, enrolled in the virtual learning program.  

"They're learning how to read, write and recognize numbers zero through five,” Jennie Price said, explaining some of the work the students are doing right now. 

Price is one of two virtual kindergarten teachers at Glenpool. She has been teaching from her empty classroom since the first day, August 13.  

"It took a while to get the kinks worked out and to get everybody on the same page and logging in and all of that. So it's been a learning curve,” Price said.  

Almost two weeks into it, she and the students are getting used to their virtual routines.  

"Now it just seems like it's flowing so well. And we're just really excited to expand and to try new things,” she said.  

For students in two other kindergarten classes, Wednesday was the second day distance learning. 

The district said on Monday a parent reported their kindergarten student tested positive for COVID-19. District leaders said contact tracing prompted them to quarantine two classes of kindergarten students, and their teachers.

"They're working from home, and so, it's just, it's different. But they're doing a really good job,” Price said.  

Price said she is part of a collaborative team of teachers who are always communicating with each other.  

The virtual curriculum is the same as it is for students who started the year in the classroom, making it easier to keep everyone on the same page.  

The district told parents last week a student on the middle school volleyball team also tested positive for COVID, prompting 39 middle school students and two teachers to quarantine, and shift to distance learning. 

The district said all students and teachers who have shifted to distance learning will not return to the classroom until they quarantine for 14 days.