Tulsa Transit Adds New Bus Stop In Turley

Tuesday, September 1st 2020, 4:37 pm
By: Mallory Thomas

Tulsa County -

Tulsa Transit buses can now go further north in Tulsa County thanks to a new bus stop.

The new stop is a O'Brien Park near 56th Street North and Lewis in Turley.

People who live in the area said this one stop is making a big difference. 

"I have to go to South Tulsa every day and that's what I think the disconnect is," said Joi McCondichie. 

McCondichie lives in the northern part of Tulsa County. She's an educator and last winter her car broke down. 

"A teacher that was coming my way picked me up from the trail and then I had to walk back home because there was no service to take me early in the morning out to my school district to get to work," said McCondichie.

Now, there is a service that's giving people like Joi access to anywhere in town.

"It's a big deal for access to food to medical needs to education to jobs," said Stan Sallee. 

Stan Sallee is the Tulsa County Commissioner for District 1. He said a recent study shows between 40 to 50 percent of the households within a mile of O'Brien Park either have one or no car at all. He said that's why the bus stop is so important. 

"Anybody in North Tulsa, or anywhere in Tulsa more importantly, along this commuter route can jump on a bus and go to a ballgame, go to family outing, go to a splash pad and go home. The best part about it is it's going to be free," said Sallee.