Year-Long Investigation Leads To Arrest Of 4 People At Suspected Drug House

Thursday, September 3rd 2020, 5:19 pm
By: Reagan Ledbetter


Rogers County deputies arrested four people at what they said is a drug house they’ve been investigating for a year.

Deputies said they've busted around 40 drug houses in rural Claremore in the last four years. They said these toxic environments plague quiet neighborhoods out in the country and people are sick of it.

Deputies arrested Angie Morganroth, Tabitha Tamayo, Samantha Henry and Sean Jones after neighbors complained about the house for months.

Deputies said they found meth, cash, scales and baggies but the big find was four cell phones.

“Once we get their phones, we are going to connect everyone,” Sergeant Bo Williams with the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office said.  “That's the beauty of technology these days is we are going to connect all of you, it doesn't go away.”

He said he's been investigating this suspected drug operation for nearly a year and has had several neighbors call about the house.

"Short term traffic. All hours of the day and night, coming in and out,” Williams said. “They were fed up with it. We had multiple neighbors call.”

Williams said this is a problem they deal with all the time, but it takes help from neighbors to bust them.

"It's a business and they set them up out in the country, out in these counties, and rural communities and they are just bringing bad people through the area. People are sick of it,” said Williams.

Williams said drug purchases and sales lead to even more crime.

"They are driving through and casing these houses as they are driving through looking at tractors, and lawn mowers, even the vehicles, and stealing stuff from the vehicles as they are coming and going,” said Williams. “Those are unwanted people that don't need to be in our county, and they need to stay away from these dope houses and drug houses."

All four people arrested have bonded out.

Sergeant Williams said after they go through the five phones, they expect to make more arrests.