State Legislator Considering Law To Combat Animal Abuse

Friday, September 4th 2020, 5:51 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A state legislator is considering proposing a law targeting animal abuse after a dog was found with a huge chain around her neck. 

The pit bull mix was found by Robert Riojas wandering in his yard, padlocked to a huge chain.

“There’s this dog carrying this chain. Huge chain. It was big enough to set the cameras off, so I went outside, put her in my backyard and called animal welfare.” Riojas said.

He also called Representative Mickey Dollens (D) Oklahoma City.

“Currently there are no state laws that prohibit excessive chains on dogs, especially without a collar.  We want to address this and just send a really strong message that this is unacceptable,” Dollens said. “We believe that this chain was intended to train this dog for fighting. It was in terrible pain from the chain digging into its neck. There’s no collar. Excessive weight can be defined as more than one eighth of the pet’s weight.”

“I don’t see how someone could be that callous to be able to treat an animal that way. Having a chain on a dog without a collar, allowing it to dig into their skin like that. It’s inhumane,” Riojas added.

For Riojas this was love at first sight. News 9 was there when he was reunited with Lucky and decided to adopt her.

“She’s not aggressive towards anyone. She’s very well mannered. Very loving. A cuddle bug,” Riojas said.  “I want her to be loved. And be well cared for the way that she deserves and not (the way she was) treated in the past.”