Tulsa Police Arrest Man For Attacking 93-Year-Old, Stealing His Car

Monday, September 7th 2020, 11:09 am
By: Reagan Ledbetter

TULSA, Okla. -

Tulsa Police arrested a man they said attacked a 93-year-old man at his house and then stole his car.

Officers said because of great police work, they found the car and arrested the suspected robber in less than an hour.

Tulsa Police said this attack was completely uncalled for and happened in the middle of the day.

"He was outside, just minding his own business when a suspect approached him, assaulted him, physically attacked him and took the keys to his vehicle,” said Lt. Chase Calhoun with the Tulsa Police Department.

Police said the victim did fight back, even pulling a gun and firing shots to try to defend himself.

"He's over the age of 90 years old,” Calhoun said. “There was a physical altercation as he was trying to maintain the custody of his keys. Unfortunately, this suspect assaulted him and took those keys from him.”  

Officers said the robber drove the stolen car to the 61st and Lewis area. Less than an hour after the attack, officers found the car and the man they were looking for and arrested him.

"I think the overwhelming majority of Tulsans would agree that this is unacceptable, and we are not going to tolerate this in our city,” said Lt. Calhoun. “Kuddos to those officers in that district for locating the vehicle, establishing a quick perimeter, locating the suspect and ultimately leading to his arrest."

Officers said the elderly man had some minor injuries and scrapes but will be okay.