Rustic Cuff Offers Curbside Pickup For Customers, Rustic Cuff Academy For Employees' Children

Tuesday, September 8th 2020, 6:44 am
By: News On 6, Tess Maune

TULSA, Okla. -

The pandemic has forced many business owners to think in new and innovative ways over the past few months. And it's no surprise Rustic Cuff founder Jill Donovan is getting creative for both her customers and employees.

“When you're forced to stop, you're also forced to think differently and I'm so glad that we did,” said Donovan.

After lacing up a pair of roller skates Jill Donovan is ready to start the day at the Rustic Cuff headquarters at 51st and Harvard in Tulsa doing what she does best— making things fun.

“We forget sometimes that we sell cuffs because we so enjoy what we do,” she said.

The company is now offering curbside pickup, five months late as Donovan puts it, but she’s making up for it with a true Rustic Cuff twist customer will love.

I thought, 'let's not just make it curbside with a small c, let's make it curbside with a capital C and make it so they want to come up, even if they didn't buy cuffs,’” said Donovan.

Her daughter and some friends brightly painted several parking spots to spread some good vibes. And Jill is doing her part as well. She likes to surprise customers by delivering their cuffs on roller skates.

“It's boring just to go up to a curbside, get your stuff and leave. Why not take two minutes to just be entertained or given something extra? And that's what we're doing with our curbside: roller skates, pianos, and musical instruments,” said Donovan. “It's not just about the cuffs. Oh yes, they do get a cuff.”

Back inside the headquarters, it's class time in what used to be a storage area.

“As I was walking through it one day, I thought... 'Why don't we make this a school for the kids that can't go to school, that are employees' kids. And let's call it Rustic Cuff Academy,'” Donovan said.

Rustic Cuff Academy has desks, art supplies, and computers for virtual learning along with about 15 students on a normal day.

It’s one less worry for working parents.

“The relief of these moms, I didn't know they were gonna be so excited,” she said.

Several former teachers who now work at Rustic Cuff will help the students when needed. And Jill will also check in on the students… giving a lesson that there's always time to have fun, whether at work or school.

Rustic Cuff's Cherry Street store is now back open for the first time since March.