Webbers Falls Family Finally Back Home After 2019 Flood

Wednesday, September 9th 2020, 6:24 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero


A Webbers Falls family has finally moved back into their home after it was destroyed in last year’s floods.

They said they were denied for federal aid, so their neighbors stepped in to lend a helping hand.

Charles Casinger and his mom Sue said they are taking nothing for granted after losing everything last year.

"You don't know what you missed until you have lost it,” said Charles. “The house looked like something you go to a junkyard and look at. It didn't have floors in it, all the walls were gone."

Charles said the flooding and damage was not the end of their struggles last year. He was denied almost a dozen times for FEMA relief money, because his name wasn't on the deed. He explained he is the owner of the home, however FEMA told him he was denied because he’s renting to own.

"It was disheartening, to get your hopes built up a little bit, and then get knocked back down again," Sue said.  

Without money from FEMA, the Casingers thought they would never set foot in this home ever again, until people from across the county stepped in to help.

The Casingers said donations and help came pouring in from neighbors and friends.

"The washer and dryers were donated, the refrigerator was. Even both the couches and loveseat were donated," Charles said.  

"They were angels in disguise," Sue said.   

Disaster case manager Mary Hicks said she saw the selfless acts firsthand. She said it took about two months to finish the home.

"Emergency management has been a big part in all of this, and people in the community, the cabinet maker, neighbors, police, everyone has really been coming together through this disaster to help one another out,” Hicks said.

Charles and Sue say there are still some neighbors who need to move back and urge them to ask for help like they did.

“Never give up! There's always hope for everybody and if you need help, go get help," Charles said. 

If you are a flood victim, or a victim of another disaster, and you are in need of help, you can contact these resources:

Muskogee County Disaster Recovery, the Samaritan Center Clothing and Food pantry at (918) 910-5033, Catholic Charities at (918) 681-6115, First Baptist Church at (918) 682-3496, First United Methodist Church at (918) 682-3368, and the Salvation Army at (918) 682-3384.