OESC Testing Technology To Add Money To Unemployment Checks

Wednesday, September 16th 2020, 7:59 am
By: News On 6

The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission is testing its technology hoping to get more money added to unemployment checks.

The OESC is hoping to get the additional $300 out to Oklahomans by possibly next week.

This is from President Trump's executive order in August.

Oklahoma was one of the first states to get approval for the President Trump’s second round of funding.

The problem is the OESC's current system for implementing the extra money is outdated by 40 years.

Vanessa Hicks was unemployed for months and now she's hoping this next round of money will come through.

"There are so many officials, but they can only do so much. They don't have the resources. They don't have the capacity to assist this magnitude of response,” said Hicks

Executive Director Shelley Zumwalt said our state was one of the first to get approved because they knew with the outdated system it would be a process to get the money out to unemployed Oklahomans.\

"That was actually purposeful because we knew that working with our 40-year-old main frame it was going to take a significant development hours to implement this program," said Zumwalt.