Muskogee Co Road Improvements Get Green Light Due To State, Local Partnership

Wednesday, September 16th 2020, 6:30 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero


After delays from last year’s historic flooding, more than two dozen roads cross Muskogee County are now under construction.

For some Muskogee county residents, it’s hard to believe last year roads such as Mayer Lane were under 20 feet of water. This week, Mayer Lane has been completely repaired and repaved.

For Mayer Pecan Farm owner Dave White, the repairs mean the end of the road for months of inconveniences and shows that Muskogee County is on the road to recovery.

“This is the first time I've seen it and it is very, very beautiful,” White said. "Before this, the road was beyond rough and I told people that to be very careful driving down it because you could ruin your car.”

Muskogee County Commissioner Ken Doke said last year's floods not only destroyed roads but delayed many scheduled projects.

“So we’re trying to do those and a lot of our 2020 that were scheduled so we have a ton of projects to squeeze in in one year almost two years in one,” Doke said. “When you have over two dozen road construction projects, that’s big for us.”

Doke said more than two dozen projects are underway across the county. He said they are made possible through county funding, FEMA, and local partnerships. Last year, News on 6 reported on Hancock road, a popular road for the city and county, in extreme disrepair, with countless potholes and crackers. Now, one of the many roads getting repaired this week thanks to a city and county partnership.

Doke said the construction is temporary inconvenience with a lasting impact.

“The truth of the matter is will be dealing with the results of the flood for a long time,” Doke said. “So every time we’re able to come in and put together a piece of infrastructure like those back together, it’s just that much closer to feeling like we’re getting back to normal again.”

White said the newly repaired Mayer Lane means better business when he opens this fall.

“Last year we had a lot of people complain about the road, but they're not going to be complaining this year!” White said.

Doke supplied a list of current and future road construction projects across the Muskogee County area.

Drain, Grade, and Surface Projects (New Asphalt)

·Town of Oktaha

-     Drainage project entire town

-     and Drain, Grade, and Surface (new asphalt) on Main Street and Oak Street


-     Asphalt paving of entire town 

·Fort Gibson 

-     Asphalt paving of Willey Road from HW62 to HW10


-     Kizzia Road for drain, grade, and surface


Drain, Grade, and Surface Projects (New Asphalt)

·West Davis Field Road 

·93rd from 13th to HW64

·93rd from 24th to Oktaha Road

·83rd from 13th to 64HW

·Oak Street in Oktaha

·Mayer Lane north of Harris Road

·East Hancock from York Street to 55th Street

·South York St from Peak to Smith Ferry

·Harvest Hills Addition (47th Street East, 30th, and 31st Street 

·70th Street

·78th Street

·South Gulick Street from 53rd to Smith Ferry

·25th Street from the Meadows south to 53rd