Local Veteran Teaches Concealed Carry Class To Empower Women

Monday, September 28th 2020, 5:36 pm
By: Sawyer Buccy

A local veteran teaches concealed carry classes to women, in the hopes that they will feel empowered in any situation.

Jeremy Delgado isn’t just teaching concealed carry classes; he is teaching these women a tool for life.

“With the training they are receiving, they are going to be looking for things,” Delgado said. “They are not going to be on their cell phone when they are walking to their car. It brings that confidence of ‘I can handle this situation.’”

Jeremy is a veteran.

"I was Army E4. I got out in 1992. I went to Desert Shield and Desert Storm," said Delgado.

He has been teaching concealed carry classes for years now.

"Taking that extra time just to spend time with each one, make sure they feel comfortable about what they are shooting, making sure they feel comfortable about carrying a firearm," said Delgado.

He teaches men and women, but he likes to do classes with reduced rates just for ladies who want who want to learn how to safely handle a gun.

"What I have noticed is that when we have ladies only, they are not as intimidated,” Delgado said. “They ask the questions they want answered, they don't feel like they are going to look stupid or whatever- which they are not anyways.”

He said he can see a difference in the women he teaches the second they leave class.

"The smiles. The comfort while shooting. The fact that they are holding their heads up a little higher," said Delgado.

The group starts the day in a classroom, then by the afternoon they're getting hands-on practice.

"I am tired of ladies being victims. God didn't put them on this earth for that- to be disrespected or hurt," said Jeremy. "It just lets me allow them another tool, so they can have confidence in who they are."

"He has always just wanted to empower women, empower people to protect themselves, to be able to protect each other. He doesn't want anybody to be a victim but especially women," said Jeremy’s wife Kim Delgado.

If you would like to take one of Jeremy's classes, visit this website here.