Tulsa Woman Arrested, Accused Of Neglect After Leaving Children Alone For 24 Hours

Wednesday, September 30th 2020, 9:51 am
By: News On 6

Tulsa Police have arrested a woman accused of leaving her five and eight year-old daughters home alone for more than 24 hours.

Police said the little girls are students at a Tulsa elementary school and even though the girls were given Chromebooks to learn at home, the school said the girls haven not logged in or turned in any homework for weeks.

The school got worried when they couldn't get ahold of the parents so they asked police to check on the girls. Police said the girls were alone and had no idea where their parents were.

According to police, when they got to the house there was animal feces on the floor and old food and dirty dishes on the kitchen counters. Authorities called both parents several times however they never received an answer.

According to police the mother Amber Deanda eventually showed up with a homeless man that she had supposedly met an hour before. They said she was intoxicated, slurred her words and had several old and new needle marks on her arms, legs, and feet.

The children told DHS workers their mom sleeps all day and gives herself shots all over her body then leaves and keeps the old needles in her purse.

Police were unable to get ahold of the father. Deanda was booked for two counts of child neglect.