Same Man Connected To 2 Missing Persons Cases

Thursday, October 22nd 2020, 6:46 pm
By: Lori Fullbright

Tulsa County -

Raschelle Hunt carries a picture of her mother, Kathy Hemphill, with her everywhere she goes.

"This is how I remember her, because she had such a pretty smile and I feel like I look like her," said Raschelle.

She last spoke with Kathy in September of 2017. Then, for months, family and friends tried to get a hold of Kathy, but never heard back.

She was reported missing in February of 2018.

Investigators said Kathy's common-law-husband kept changing his story about where Kathy was. A man named John Lee was arrested after he was found driving Kathy's car.

According to an online missing person's website called The Charley Project, Lee is also a person of interest in another case.

Richard Horn was last seen with Lee in Cleveland, Oklahoma on July 22, 2014.

Lee said he dropped Horn off and never heard from him again. Horn is also the 6 of hearts in the OSBI Cold Case playing cards. The cards are given to inmates in the hopes of solving cold cases.

To report a tip about a missing persons case, call 918-772-7568 or email