Sand Springs Tattoo Shop Covers Up Hateful Tattoos For Free

Friday, October 23rd 2020, 5:16 am
By: Brooke Griffin

Sand Springs -

Happening on Friday, Sand Springs based “The Parlour Hair and Ink” is holding a day of free tattoo coverups of any hate speech or symbols for free.

This is the fourth year of The Parlour Hair and Ink’s “Stop The Hate in the 918” day and the owner said he is so excited to do some good for others.

The artists at the tattoo shop will cover up any hate speech or symbol tattoo for free. They will be doing this on a first come first serve basis beginning at noon. The event is taking place at their location in Sand Springs and will stay open as long as there are people wanting their tattoo covered. They do officially close at 8 p.m., but the owner of the shop said they will stay open late for those who are already there.

The Parlour’s owner, Jamy Magee said over the past three years he is corrected more than 200 hateful tattoos and said there is nothing quite like helping someone right a wrong from their past.

“We’re not judging anyone for their past because everyone has one,” Magee said. “This is a judgment-free zone, just check your hate at the door and hopefully you can leave our shop free of the past.”

They are asking anyone who decides to stop by to wear a mask and not crowd in the shop due to social distancing, but otherwise, Magee said they can not wait to see people ready to correct their past mistakes.