3 Cowboy Takeaways: In Overtime Thriller, Cowboys A Bit Spooked By Longhorns

Saturday, October 31st 2020, 7:25 pm
By: Kristin Wells

On a day meant for tricks and treats, this game did not disappoint.

Playing at home surrounded by orange on October 31, it’s as if Oklahoma State was meant to play on Halloween. And in their orange and black uniforms, no less.

The result, however, was a bit terrifying. 

With a Kansas State loss to West Virginia Saturday, OSU entered the second half the only unbeaten Big 12 team, with their sights set on their first conference title since 2011. Between two strong offensive teams, this shaped up to be a terrifyingly good game.

After 60 minutes of back and forth, the Cowboys see the ball through the uprights to send the game to overtime.

Even though the undefeated record is gone, the Big 12 championship is still in their sights, as the Cowboys fall to Texas, 41-34.

First Takeaway: You Have To Take Care Of The Ball 

Texas might be the best offense the Cowboys have faced so far. Ehlinger is a strong threat, backed by players who can get the job done. 

Enter the Cowboys with an equally strong offense. The Cowboys held Texas to just 2-15 on 3rd down conversions for the game. 

However, the Cowboys’ turnovers allowed Texas to stay in this game. Based on yards, there should have been no contest. The Cowboys put up 527 yards compared to just 287 for the Longhorns.

But then the turnovers. Texas held onto the ball, finishing the game with zero turnovers. The Cowboys? Gave up the ball four times.

In the first half, all three turnovers set Texas up in OSU territory. A total of four turnovers in the game gave Texas 21 points.

The way the numbers looked, it shouldn’t have been a contest, but securing the ball is key to securing a victory. 

Second Takeaway: Tylan Wallace. That’s It, That’s The Takeaway.

Any Cowboy fan already knows his name, but Wallace wanted to make sure the Longhorns do too.

Not only did Wallace put up astounding numbers, but his plays could not have been timed better. He brought what the Cowboys needed in this game – momentum.

Wallace had 11 receptions for 187 yards and two touchdowns, creating a substantial amount of the team’s total receiving yardage of 400.

He was reliable when needed and efficient with the ball in his hands. It’s a glorious sight.

Third Takeaway: Cowboys’ Quick Drives Garner Positive Results

Seven plays for 86 yards to lead 7-0 before five minutes even came off the clock.  

Then a 62-yard drive on five plays, taking only 2:07 off the clock to take back the lead, 14-7.

Offense is enjoying having Sanders back, even though Illingworth showed his potential when we had him. Sanders found Tylan Wallace in wide open spaces, Chuba Hubbard took space where it could be found and then Sanders himself snagged some solid caries.

An offensive game on both sides, the Cowboys showed versatility in making plays on the ground or in the air. Quickness was key for this offense, even in a loss.

Cowboys, we had an ample amount of scares today, so maybe there’s no need for any horror movies tonight.

Image courtesy of Oklahoma State Athletics.