Broken Arrow Family Raising Money For Daughter With Rare Heart Disorder

Sunday, November 15th 2020, 8:03 am

TULSA, Okla. -

A Broken Arrow family is trying to raise enough money for their baby’s heart surgery next month as four-month-old Kimber Rose struggles with a very rare chromosomal disorder

Kimber has what is called “Mosaic Trisomy 14” which is extremely rare. Some symptoms include growth and mental defects, and even structural malformations of the heart. Kimber might be different than most babies, but her mother and father, Marissa and Garner said she is still as sweet as can be.

“She is the sweetest, she has slept since the night she was born, which has been a blessing.”

Marissa said it’s also been a blessing to have gotten so much support in the past couple of months.

“Even the friends of our family have reached out to us, we have received funds and even support from strangers,” Marissa said.

Kimber was born with four holes in her heart. The family has even been selling custom t-shirts to raise money.

With COVID-19, Marissa said that has made things even more stressful as Kimber’s doctor appointments have been limiting the number of family and friends allowed inside the hospital.

Marissa said the best-case scenario is a successful surgery, and Kimber lives the rest of her life with some mental and growth defects.

“It definitely has been very emotional for us,” Marissa said.

Kimber’s heart surgery is on December 14th in Kansas City at Children’s Mercy Hospital. If you would like to help CLICK HERE