Oklahoman Makes Mask Wearing A Fashion Statement While Helping Others

Friday, November 27th 2020, 7:31 am
By: News On 6


As the 8th month of dealing with the pandemic comes to an end, we have heard a lot about COVID-19 fatigue.

While many are getting tired of having to deal with physical distancing and wearing masks, experts agree that it is the best way to protect ourselves.

So, one woman from Kellyville has decided to make the most of it by having a little fun with having to wear a mask by making it a fashion statement.

Adrienne Yocham works in her sewing room. She started sewing more than 30 years ago when she and her husband moved out-of-state, and she was feeling lonely.

"He bought me a sewing machine to keep me busy. I taught myself how to sew. I never took home Economics, and it just kind of became a passion or obsession accurately to explain it," Adrienne said.

So when the pandemic began, she got to work making masks.

"At the beginning, I did all of my masks for free. I gave them to people that were high risk. I asked on social media for my friends to please let my high risk people get those first," She explained.

Adrienne made more than 300 masks to give away. But then, she began making masks for herself.

"I'm a child of the 80s where everything had to be 'matchy matchy' and your bracelets matched your outfit, matched your socks, matched your shoes--everything. So, I do like to match and when it came apparent that we were going to have to wear these masks, I thought well, I've got to wear one so I might as well have fun with it and make it match," Adrienne shared.

She has a variety of fun masks: Care Bears, Fourth of July, Polka dots, and Hawaiian themed. She said each new one is her favorite.

"One of my hashtags that I use when I post to social media is spark joy; it sparks a lot of joy for me," she said.

Adrienne said from start to finish, it takes her about 20-30 minutes to make a mask.