Home Depot Foundation Teams With Meals On Wheels To Build Wheelchair Ramp

Wednesday, December 9th 2020, 4:54 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Wednesday, volunteers built a wheelchair ramp for a person who is homebound.

Meals on Wheels teamed up with workers from Home Depot to make it happen. 

“So many of our clients are not ambulatory which means that they cannot move freely in and out of their house without considerable assistance," said Calvin Moore. 

Moore is the Tulsa Meals on Wheels CEO and said the people who built the ramp volunteered their time and talents to help a woman who recently lost her leg. 

“And cannot get in and out of her home safely. It makes it very difficult for first responders to come in and out and like so many of our other clients this is a huge need," said Moore. 

Moore said they’ve installed a ramp at eight different homes since October 1st.

“Clients still need to go to doctors appointments, sometimes they still need to get out and do something with family or they may have other appointments that they have to make," said Moore. 

He said a partnership with the Home Depot near Highway 169 and 71st Street allows them to install ramps at people's home for free. 

“The most amazing feeling is you know they come out and they talk to us and they say how grateful they are. Some of them cry they’re so happy, but seeing them actually go down the ramp for the first time safely is one of the most amazing things," said Amber Bone.

Bone is the Operations Manager of the Home Depot store and said the ramps are typically made at the client’s home and installed in the same day, but because of the pandemic, they now build them in the home depot parking lot.

“It’s hard not to be part of that, but it feels really great being able to give back and give to our communities like we always do," said Bone.

Meals on Wheels said they have a list of more than 20 people who urgently need a wheelchair ramp at their home.