Vigil Honors Woman Killed 9 Years Ago; Hopes Of Justice Dashed After Dropped Charges

Tuesday, December 22nd 2020, 10:22 pm

People gathered Tuesday night to honor Peggy Gaytan, a woman who was shot and killed at a Shell gas station near 36th and Harvard nine years ago to the day. 

Friends say they hoped this would be the year they would have justice, after a suspect was arrested in May, but those charges were later dropped. 

People who attended the vigil each laid down nine candles. They were to represent the number of years since she was killed.

They said they hoped this would be the year the person responsible for killing Peggy would be in jail. She was shot and killed in 2011 while working at the Shell Gas Station. 

A suspect was arrested earlier this year and charged with first-degree murder and attempted robbery. The charges were dropped in September after the District Attorney's Office said their only witness in the case was hostile and refused to cooperate. 

Jennifer Harmon led the vigil Tuesday night, and said she hates the family is still having to deal with the pain of her death. 

"Not have to worry about someone who is a killer walking free, we'd like to not have to worry about the pain and suffering that he's putting her family through," Harmon said. 

Harmon said they will not stop fighting for justice for Peggy and said next year they hope to have a permanent memorial honoring her life.