Newly Married, Formerly Homeless Couple Needing Help Fixing New Home

Wednesday, December 23rd 2020, 3:47 pm

Earlier this month News On 6 introduced you to a couple who have been homeless and got married for free, thanks to the kindness of a local church.

That couple has now moved into a home with their kids!

They tell News On 6, they are grateful to spend Christmas in a home, but they need help to fix up the space.

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This is the Mackeys' first Christmas inside of this home.

"I get to cook a dinner!" said Shea’Ree Mackey.

Less than a month ago, they were living at the Salvation Army with their babies. Now they are married, and they have a home.

"Blessed. Blessed," said Shea’Ree.

"Grateful to everyone who has contributed to help us get what we need so far," said Danny Mackey.

As grateful as they are, you can't blame them for feeling a little overwhelmed. They have only been living here a couple of days, and Pastor Chris knows all kinds of wonderful people who want to help the Mackey’s in any way they can.

"If families need food or they are in an emergency situation- we are really a crisis service," said Peter Kubow with On the Porch Tulsa.

People like Kathleen and Peter, who have started a group called On the Porch Tulsa, which thrives off of donations from generous people.

"It is why we are here. If everybody in Tulsa that has more than enough...just gave a little, a little can do a lot," said Peter.

But the Mackey’s still have a lot of work to do to make this place a home.

"We worked a deal with him and said, if they help renovate this place, then I will charge a very low rate for a long term," said Pastor Chris Beach with Wesley Chapel.

It needs work: new floors, window repairs, and there's wall damage.

"If we can invite people in to help them renovate this place and to make it beautiful," said Pastor Chris.

There are also some basic tools like a vacuum cleaner and broom they need.

Piece by piece, the Mackey family's life is transforming- into realities they could only dream of, a year ago.

"Our whole theme is transforming lives from poverty to purpose. We don't just want to help them out of poverty, we want to help them fulfill all their life dreams," said Pastor Chris.

To help the Mackey family:

Call Wesley Chapel/ Tulsa Youth Works: (918) 734-0471

Drop off donations at Wesley Chapel: 2750 North, M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Tulsa, OK 74106