Family Mourns Loss Of 19-Year-Old Son After Muskogee Shooting

Thursday, December 24th 2020, 4:12 pm


On this Christmas Eve, a mom, a dad and a fiancé are remembering a teenager shot and killed in Muskogee Tuesday night.

In that shooting, one other person was killed and two others injured.

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19-year-old Malski Hill was shot and killed two nights ago at a Muskogee apartment. He was with a group of people and investigators are still looking into what happened.

His family said the details won’t bring their son back.

"I'm still calling my son's phone and I'm leaving voice messages. And I'm calling his Facebook so he can answer me. My son's not here," said his mother, Tajuana Hill. "There's no closure. Right now there is no closure. I'm trying to be strong because I raised my kids to be strong but at the end of the day you break."

Malksi leaves behind a one-year-old daughter and his fiancé, Kyla Crawford, said she was his whole world.

"She loved to sit with him while he played games, she liked to eat his hair, everything. He was a very good dad," Crawford said.

The couple celebrated their daughter's first Christmas together, only hours before he was shot and killed. Now, even that brings painful memories.

"It's hard because what I got for him he only got to wear it one time and that's what he passed in," Crawford said.

Malksi's father Kenneth Brown had to make the tough phone call telling Crawford that Malski had been shot.

"I had to call this young lady and tell her Malski's not coming home. And that was a hard thing to do," Brown said. "My son's life was cut short at 19. So, he had his whole life ahead of him."

Malski was one of four people shot in Tuesday night's shooting. Muskogee Police identified two others who were injured as 23-year-old Quinton Pittman and 25-year old Devonte Johnson. 

The second person killed has not been identified yet.