Group Passes Out Gifts To Seniors For The Holiday Season

Friday, December 25th 2020, 6:40 pm

A group of people gathered gifts and treats to give to seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living.

Through the Giving Back group, around 265 gifts have been given out to seniors living in nursing homes and assisted living centers. They say it is to make sure that everyone has a reason to smile this holiday season.

Kimber Oppelt said that she started handing out gifts to nursing homes at the beginning of the pandemic. She created the Giving Back Facebook page to get more people involved. She said this is a way to share joy when so many people feel alone.

"Some of them don't have any family, so whatever we give and provide may be their only outside communication," she said.

They have been passing out gifts to three nursing homes and assisted living centers in the Tulsa area and even sending some treats to the Oklahoma City area. She says she knew this holiday season would be tough for so many.

"Because I knew this would be a hard Christmas for everybody, but I would imagine in skilled nursing centers, it's just a hard time in general," she said.

Oppelt said that she hopes for the group to grow. While she hasn't been able to go inside to see them in person, she says she is waiting for the day she will be able to.

"I look forward to when COVID is over and we can go into the centers and hug the necks of these people and interact with everybody," she said.

They plan to continue to give out gifts and treats to seniors in 2021.