Tulsa's Circle Cinema Finds Way To Stay Open Under Pandemic Restrictions

Saturday, December 26th 2020, 9:44 am
By: News On 6


It's no secret that movie theaters across the country have taken big financial hits due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but some independent theaters like Tulsa’s Circle Cinema have found ways to keep their businesses alive.

Since reopening in the summer, the Circle Cinema has decreased its capacity to 25%, and say the small theater space has made it easier for customers to socially distance themselves while enjoying their movie, compared to theatres with larger seating capacity.

Circle Cinema is one of the last historical non-profit theaters and they rely on memberships and donations to stay running. Theater employees tell me yesterday's Christmas showings were one of the busiest days they have seen in a while. Matt Leslie, one of the employees at the Circle Cinema, says even though there are not nearly as many people going to the movies anymore, a few moviegoers on Christmas Day is enough for him.

“So we've had a lot of days where we haven't had anyone show up for the last couple of rounds but today we have I think 30 people in the theater and that's a big deal," Leslie said.

Circle Cinema has traditionally shown mainly independent films, but Leslie tells me the theater plans to start featuring some major studio movies as a way to bring more people into the theater

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