Creek Nation Casinos Install Air Filtration System To Fight COVID-19

Tuesday, December 29th 2020, 6:22 pm


Oklahomans who want to hit the casinos this week will be in for a fresher experience. 

All 9 Creek Nation casinos have installed a new air filtration system that they say has proven to significantly reduce COVID-19 particles in the air.

"It smells so fresh and clean," some casino visitors told News on 6. 

The Casino's air is now filtered by a new Atmos filtration system. CEO Pat Croft says the tribe looked at the system to reduce the smell of smoke. But found out it also eliminated COVID-19 significantly in the air and on surfaces. 

"They showed in the lab it was 99.9 percent effective at neutralizing the Coronavirus. When we saw that we knew we had to do that and make the investment and install it in all of our properties," Croft told News on 6. The filter cleans the air through a process called ionization.

"It omits positive and negatively charged ions into the open air space," said Joe Cooper, the regional director for Atomos Air, "high elevations are high in ionization -- and so what Atmos Air does is bring the ionization you find on a mountain top-level and brings it indoors."

The air system is currently installed AT all nine Creek nation casinos across Green Country and was costs millions. The Creek Nation says they are the first tribe to use this air filter system in all their Oklahoma casinos. They say it's an investment that will make an impact for years.

"It's a long-term investment," Croft added, "even once the Coronavirus is gone it will continue protecting people from allergens, pathogens, cold virus, influenza virus, It will scrub the air and just make it a nicer environment for years." 

Riverspirit will be open for New year's Eve with all safety protocols in place the filter working full speed.