Tulsa Man Arrested, Accused Of Assaulting Woman After Breaking Into Apartment

Tuesday, January 5th 2021, 3:28 pm


Tulsa Police arrest a man they say was stabbed after breaking into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and slamming a woman's head into a wall.

Police said a man in the apartment stabbed Davis, because the man was trying to protect his family. Police said later on, they found Davis hiding out in the woods with serious injuries and slowly breathing. 

Officers said it started when a woman called 911 saying her sister's ex-boyfriend, Davis, kicked in the door at the Bradford Apartments on East 32nd Street North. Officers said Davis slammed a woman’s head into the wall, leaving a hole in the wall. 

Police said the caller's son grabbed a knife and stabbed Davis because he was trying to protect his family. Officers say Davis ran out of the apartment, and left behind a pool of blood by his car. 

Officers used a K9 and after a half hour of searching police say they found Davis in the woods near the apartment with a gash on his head and breathing slowly. 

Davis was taken to the hospital before being taken to jail for first-degree burglary. 

Police said this was great teamwork by officers to find Davis as quickly as they did and likely save his life.