Glenpool Teacher Uses Facebook To Share Students’ Stories Of Resilience, Kindness

Thursday, January 7th 2021, 5:37 pm


A Glenpool high school teacher is using Facebook to inspire others by sharing stores of his students’ kindness and resilience.

“Do not let the day of the week dictate your happiness,” said Mike Doudican on his Facebook Page called Doudicanland Ghs Room Seven. 

Kindness is a powerful thing, especially during a pandemic, especially at a time when our country is as divided as ever. 

“As members of the Glenpool Basketball Team and as members of the World Changers, we would like to present you with this plaque and a card with money to give to your family to help you out,” said a student delivering donation money to a Green Country family.

“It became this experiment on how we as a society aren’t used to helping each other,” said Doudican. 

Doudican works at Glenpool High School. He has been working with kids this age for years and years. 

“We had to do something positive. These students that we have here at Glenpool are so inspirational,” Doudican said.

He created a Facebook page when the pandemic began and started interviewing his students- trying to put the spotlight on them. 

“Just to show students, you might not think you are that great. You might not think you are changing the world, but you are changing my world,” said Doudican. 

The page grew and he started giving some of his students $20 (out of his own pocket) with rules on how to spend the money. 

“You have to give at least half of it, almost every one of them gave away all the twenty dollars,” said Doudican. 

Kindness, compassion - those are the expectation and these kids are rising to the occasion again and again and again. Businesses have started getting involved, donating money so the kids can give it away. Camp Ninja Warrior donated $300 and some of that money went to a Green Country mother who almost lost her husband to COVID-19. He has been in the hospital since August. 

“I went from being the married mom of two to basically a single mom of two overnight, including [caring for] my son with special needs,” said Shannon Remington. “It helps take the weight off the financial side of things because my husband hasn’t worked obviously, and he is the primary income in our house.” 

Each student interviewed also gets a $5 QuikTrip gift card from Doudican, paid for out of his own pocket.

“I want it to be about our students,” said Doudican. “Everybody has value.” 

To support the Facebook page, click here and to support the Remington family, you can visit the GoFundMe link here.