Sand Springs Man Speaks About Difficult COVID-19 Recovery: ‘It’s No Joke’

Friday, January 8th 2021, 6:17 pm


With the spread of COVID-19, cases range from severe and deadly, to mild or sometimes asymptomatic. There are also cases that can make very healthy people very sick.

A Sand Springs man is recovering from COVID-19, a month after his first symptoms. Despite being young and healthy, Director of the Sand Springs Parks Jeff Edwards said COVID-19, to him, was worse than a prior bout with flu and kidney stones.

"It's no joke, it's real" he said. "I was immobile basically, in bed, couldn't move around a lot, very sore and I mean barely able to move around."

He thinks maybe he let his guard down in early December, and picked it up at work, because his coworkers got it at the same time. Edwards said the symptoms came on overnight, and the worst of the symptoms, a high fever, and aches, lasted a week. 

After a month, Edwards said he has maybe 60% of his old energy.

"I stayed at home 100% of the time, I didn't go anywhere, I didn't even go outside, that's how bad I felt, didn't have the energy to step out the door," Edwards said.

His coworkers have recovered as well.