Tulsa Businesses Team Up To Donate Supplies To Homeless Veterans

Monday, January 11th 2021, 6:24 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Tulsa businesses have teamed up to provide supplies to veterans who don't have shelter this winter, which they said is a problem made worse by the pandemic. Organizers told News On 6 the effort began with a Good Samaritan who saw a need and decided to fill it. 

The generous Tulsan said it's his duty and obligation as a U.S. citizen to serve America's homeless heroes. 

"This all started many months ago,” said Dr. Mike Hight, Humana Health Services. 

Dr. Hight said he and his wife were leaving a restaurant when a veteran across the street came out from under a bridge with his dog tag hugging his neck, homeless and needing help. Dr. Hight bought the veteran lunch and believes that's the least he can do for a man he's banked on for his freedom.  

"It feels terrific to help out people that have fought for this flag, because again freedom is not free,” Dr. Hight said.  

He said Americans owe a debt of gratitude to the servicemen and women who defend the flag and said his desire to help hasn't stopped. 

"Many of them have seen atrocities in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other theater sites for military and what they have seen is a lifetime affecting image on them," Dr. Hight said.  

Dr. Hight reached out to the Coffee Bunker in Tulsa, and together, Humana Health Services, Coffee Bunker and BEHEARD have collected 25 tents, 50 sleeping bags and winter gear. Dr. Michael Horton with the Coffee Bunker said starting today they're distributing supplies to veterans stuck without shelter.   

"It's just another great story about the Tulsa community and their willingness to reach out and help,” said Dr. Horton, executive director of Coffee Bunker. 

Dr. Hight encourages others to step up and serve those who serve us.  

“It's a just cause that we all should try and be involved with,” Dr. Hight said.  

Coffee Bunker said they’re accepting donations and for more information, click here.