OBI: Critical Need For Plasma Donations From Those Who Have Recovered From COVID-19

Tuesday, January 12th 2021, 4:48 pm
By: Mallory Thomas, News On 6

TULSA, Okla. -

The Oklahoma Blood Institute said they are in critical need of people who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate their plasma.

They said the convalescent plasma is helping those who are currently sick with the virus. 

You can make an appointment ahead of time to donate. 

“I’m of the mindset that anytime you can help anybody else out based off an experience that you had that wasn’t very pleasant, then I’m all about that--giving back to the community," said Jeff Edwards.

Jeff Edwards said he had a pretty unpleasant COVID-19 experience. He's the Sand Springs Park Director and didn't go outside for 10 days straight.

Tuesday, he was at the Oklahoma Blood Institute to hopefully save others. 

“Jeff’s amazing. Just like all of the other people that have donated convalescent plasma because they’re possibly saving up to four lives," said Jan Laub, who is with Oklahoma Blood Institute. 

Laub said they are still need people who've had COVID-19, to donate their plasma. 

“There at the beginning we were having to import convalescent plasma because we didn’t have enough to meet the need. Today, because of our wonderful donors, we’ve closed that gap," said Laub.

Laub said the donated plasma is sent to COVID-19 patients across the state.

You can donate at their office or at one of their mobile sites.

Jeff said for anyone thinking about donating, it's painless and feels like any normal blood donation.

“I also do experience kind of lower energy levels probably about 60 percent of what my normally energy level would be, but hey go do it in the morning and then if you need to take the afternoon off, if you’re saving someone’s life it’s well worth it," said Edwards.

The process to donate convalescent plasma takes about 90 minutes. For more information click here.