Experts Say Flu Is Down Significantly In Oklahoma Due To COVID-19 Precautions

Wednesday, January 13th 2021, 6:17 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

Oklahoma's hospitals are filled because of COVID-19 cases, and despite an unusual drop in cases of flu.

Data distributed to physicians by OSU Project Echo, a continuing education system, shows while flu normally peaks mid-January, with infections picked up at Christmas, this year, it's almost non-existent.

Experts studying the pandemic and hospitalizations say it's because people are taking precautions to avoid COVID-19 and avoiding the flu in the process.

During the unusually bad flu season of 2017-18, 288 Oklahomans died of flu and 4,800 people were sick enough to need hospitalization.

"If there's anything that shows what we're doing is making a difference, it's with flu. Since September 1, we've only had 122 hospitalizations and no deaths. Obviously when you compare it to COVID, those numbers get a little uncomfortable, needless to say,” Dr Jennifer Clark, who gathers data for OSU Project Echo, said.

The comparison for COVID-19 during the same time period show 2,000 people have died and 4,800 people have been hospitalized.