OSDH Reports More Oklahomans Have Signed Up For Vaccine Portal

Friday, January 15th 2021, 7:53 am
By: Cal Day

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has released updated numbers on the amount of people who have signed up on the online portal to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The state reported nearly 444,000 Oklahomans have signed up as of 5 p.m. Thursday.

The state also reported nearly 50,000 appointments have been scheduled for those who are eligible to get the vaccine right now, which includes healthcare workers and Oklahomans 65 and older. The state said appointments are based on the supply of the vaccine.

Appointments can be posted when there is a new supply of the vaccine, so the state advises everyone to keep an eye out for appointments. County health departments are also posting appointments on Facebook pages as they get more supply of the vaccine.

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