Oklahoma National Guardsmen Deploy To Washington D.C. Ahead Of Presidential Inauguration

Monday, January 18th 2021, 6:14 am

Hundreds of Oklahoma National Guard Members are in Washington D.C. to help with President-elect Joe Biden’s Inauguration security procedures. They left the Will Rogers Air Base early Sunday morning.

Before the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, only 10 Oklahoma National Guardsmen were expected to go to Washington, but due to the attack, now 400 men and women from Oklahoma have been called to report for duty in our nation’s capitol.

They are a part of 25,000 guardsmen from around the country to help law enforcement around the Capitol, National Mall, and White House.

Recent reports from the FBI show officials are worried an attack from the inside is possible, so they are vetting every single member who is sent from across the country.

The Wind Commander of the 137 Special Operations Wing Colonel Dan Fowler said watching them depart on Sunday morning was inspiring for everyone.

“This is very special. The tag was out here and he greeted everyone before they left and told them 'remember this, this will be very significant. You will tell your grandchildren about that.' I said the same thing to my individuals before we sent them out the door. Obviously, this is an unprecedented time,” Fowler said.

There is no word on exactly how long the Sooner State’s National Guard members will be in Washington D.C., but in many cases, they stay as long as they need to to get their job done.