Natural Light Unveils World's Most Expensive Work Of Art 'Da Vinci Of Debt'

Monday, January 18th 2021, 8:55 am
By: CBS News

On Saturday, (1/17/21) Natural Light Beer made history, unveiling "Da Vinci of Debt" the world's most expensive work of art, in Vanderbilt Hall inside of Grand Central Terminal. The work is a statement on the ever-rising cost of a college diploma as well as the impact of college debt and was made using 2,600 authentic, physical diplomas provided by real college graduates across the country.

The value of the piece is based on the average total cost of attending a four-year university, valuing the piece at $470 million.

The company is currently in its fourth year of a 10-year program, annually providing $1 million to help people weighed down by college debt.

U.S. college debt reached a new record high in 2021: $1.7 trillion in total debt, with the average graduate paying roughly over $180,000 by the time they receive their degree.

There is also an Augmented Reality version of the display available on Snapchat for users 21 and up.