Plainview Volunteer Fire Department Trying To Stop Accused Arsonist

Monday, January 18th 2021, 9:10 pm


The Plainview Volunteer Fire Department said someone keeps starting grass fires in the county and they want it to stop before the fires cause major damage. 

The Plainview Fire Chief said this has been frustrating for the department as they have seen three of these fires in just the past week.

"Just starting on the side of the road, and we know someone's just going around setting them, they are just coming out of the blue," said fire chief Lester Sullivan. 

Sullivan said in the past week, they've had three fires on Locust, Loblolly and Bryant Roads. He said while they've had several this week, the person responsible has been doing this for at least a year. Six months ago, they tampered with a fire hydrant.

"They set them in six different places, and we were out trying to put all them out, and a few days before that they actually opened up one of our fire hydrants, and drained 230,000 gallons of water," Sullivan said. 

Sullivan said they typically start at night, and some have two or three area fire departments responding. Sullivan said while the fire department is responding to these fires, it keeps them from other emergencies that might need them. 

"When you have somebody just going around thinking that it's fun and games setting fires, it's frustrating cause it ties up your resources," Sullivan said. 

Sullivan said with the current windy weather, he's worried about what these fires could do if they get out of control. 

"When you have strong winds, low humidity, you have lots of fuel, if they set it in the right place it could be a very dangerous situation," Sullivan said. 

If you have any information, call the Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office.