Mannford Moves To Distance Learning Due To 'Rampant' Cases, Quarantines

Wednesday, January 20th 2021, 7:49 am

MANNFORD, Oklahoma -

A spike in COVID-19 cases within Mannford Public Schools has forced the district to move to distance learning starting Wednesday.

Superintendent Kelly Spradlin said positive cases and close contact quarantines are rampant throughout the district for both students and staff.

A news release said there are currently more than 100 active COVID-19 cases within the Mannford community.

Spradlin said they have worked hard to “keep COVID out to keep school in," but it is to the point where it is simply not safe to continue with in-person classes.

"This is not what we wanted, but I am at peace that for right now this is the right move and it's in the best manner possible,” Spradlin said in a social media video. “We knew this year was not gonna be easy. We know this year will be worth every effort. Moment by moment, day by day, a little closer all the way."

Spradlin said free breakfast and lunch will still be available for all students. They will just have to place an order with the district, then pick it up.

The district is also pausing all extracurricular activities while students are in distance learning.

The goal is for Mannford students to go back to in-person classes on February 8th.