Oklahoma's Mobile ID App Updated To Support Real ID

Wednesday, January 20th 2021, 4:39 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

A new mobile app could help people get their Real ID much faster.

The Department of Public Safety said the new Oklahoma Mobile ID app is free right now. DPS said already 28,000 Oklahomans have downloaded the app and have uploaded the documents needed to get their Real ID, which should make things faster when they go to a tag agency or DPS office. 

“Mobile ID is your ID on your phone. So, it’s an actual rendering of you driver license on your phone. You download the app, you take a selfie and it uses facial recognition,” said Sarah Stewart with Oklahoma DPS. 

Stewart said the app now has a new feature that allows you to upload the documents needed to get the Real ID, before you go to your appointment in person. 

“So when you come in for your in-office visit to actually get that driver’s license or ID that will already be pre-populated in the screen when the examiner or tag agent brings that up, they will already have all of that information," said Stewart.

She said you still need to bring those documents with you, but by uploading them ahead of time, it should make your appointment faster. 

“We’re looking at different ways that we can work in people who utilize this enrollment function on the Mobile ID app so that we can try to get them in quicker than the 60 days out that we’re currently scheduling appointments,” said Stewart.

People who already downloaded the previous version of the app will need to upgrade to the current version.