Broken Arrow Man Devastated After Cousin Killed In Shooting

Thursday, January 21st 2021, 9:17 pm


A Broken Arrow man said he is devastated by the death of his cousin who was known as a gentle giant. It happened at a birthday party, where two 19-year-olds were also shot.

Police said the victim who died, 68-year-old Bob Wedel, was an innocent bystander who was shot and killed Sunday, Jan. 17 at the Rose Event Center.

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Police said two men are now in custody and they plan to arrest more.

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The owner of the Rose Event center Michael Wedel said his cousin Bob was working at the event, which was a private birthday party, and his death is a senseless act of violence. 

Bob's family said he was upbeat, a friend to many and wouldn't hurt a fly. He worked at the Rose Event Center in telemarking.

He was working Saturday night when he was shot and killed. The center is now a crime scene, the front door is shattered, and bullet holes are everywhere.

"We have a 68-year-old man dead because of this decision and two other people injured because of it," said Officer Chris Walker.

Walker said a fight broke out at the party and people started to leave. Police said that's when Ziare McDonald started shooting at the crowd from across the street. They said Quinton Watson drove the getaway car. Both had been at the party.

The bullets hit and wounded two 19-year-old women, but Bob was shot in the chest and died.

"There's no reason to bring a gun out and randomly shoot into a crowd no matter how mad you are," Walker said.

Michael, who owns the event center, said his cousin is an innocent victim and this is devastating. He said he though abut closing down his business for good after the shooting but knows Bob wouldn't want that.

Michael said they did everything they could to make the party a safe and fun event for the roughly 50 people in attendance.

"We've put over 500 hours of detective work into this so far and we're continuing it," said Walker.

Michael said Bob was a huge support to those around him and will be deeply missed.

Both suspects were arrested for first degree murder, and more arrests are expected.