Facebook Group Helps Fund Fishing Trips For Arkansas Man Battling Cancer

Saturday, January 23rd 2021, 9:07 am
By: News On 6, William Blanchette

GROVE, Oklahoma -

An Arkansas man is living his final days fishing.

The Facebook group dedicated to 66-year-old Pappy Fausnaught has helped fund his stay here in Grove, so he can fish. His supporters just want him to enjoy himself doing what he loves before he passes. Fausnaught has been having the time of his life these past few weeks, enjoying fishing, family, and friends.

"Two minutes and you hit the water and fish," said Fausnaught.

At least once a week, Pappy and his wife, Victoria, drive down from Arkansas to stay in this Grove cabin paid for by his nearly 1,000 followers in a Facebook group called "Fishing with Pappy," so he can spend his final days fishing with friends.

"Overwhelming and humbling knowing the people that have stepped up to try to make the final time better," said his wife Victoria about the group.

Pappy was diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer in August 2016, and just ten weeks ago after many chemo and radiation sessions, Pappy and his family decided the fight was over, and that he should enjoy the last few months that he has.

"He got too weak and sick to do the chemo anymore," said Victoria.

Molly Pritchard is one of the many friends Pappy has made during his fishing experiences. She believes all of them have a new life mission to fulfill.

"Pappy came out on a fishing trip with us and we have continued to spend time with him and getting to see that he lights up on the boat," said Pritchard. "Making memories with this family, getting Pappy out for as many smiles as we can. As long as he feels like fishing, we are going to keep him out and smiling."

Pappy says he's in good spirits and is at peace about his upcoming departure.

"It's good to know that there are people out there that do this," said Pappy.

Tracy Thompson, the Manager at the Candlewyck Cove Resort in Grove, says they have decided to allow Pappy to stay at their cabin for free as long as he wants.