Police: Video Shows Attempted ATM Theft In Verdigris

Tuesday, January 26th 2021, 9:42 pm


Verdigris Police said three people stole a truck then used it, along with some tow truck hooks and a chain to attempt to take an ATM off its base. It was all caught on camera.

Police said the people took the stolen truck, drove to a bank in Verdigris, they pried open an ATM, then wrapped chains around tow truck hooks and put those hooks around the ATM and tried to yank it out of there.

"They're hooking the hooks to the vault," said Verdigris Police Asst. Chief Darrin Hester.

In the video, the thieves floor the truck once, and fail, so they try again.

"On the second attempt, the chain breaks," Hester said.

In the video, you see the chain fly up and smash into the bank light above. One person walks up and grabs the chain before they escape in a getaway car, leaving the stolen truck behind.

The ATM is all boarded up now, leaving the bank to deal with thousands of dollars in damage.

"There's not a lot of this type of crime here, but we've become a target recently," Hester said.

Hester said the thieves stole that truck from a man in Owasso.

News On 6 talked to that victim on the phone, and he didn't even know his truck was gone until police knocked on his door. He has the truck back, but the thieves caused hundreds of dollars in damage and he'd only had it since December.

Hester said the three people didn't get away with any money, but they did leave behind a ton of damage.

"It's very frustrating," Hester said. "They are clearly coming here just for that reason."

If you recognize the people in the video, or have any information on the case, call Verdigris police.