American Red Cross Offering Virtual CPR Classes Due To COVID-19

Wednesday, January 27th 2021, 3:57 pm

TULSA, Okla. -

The American Red Cross said you can now learn CPR from the comfort of your own home through their online training class.

Officials with The American Red Cross said fewer people are taking CPR classes in person, even though it's needed more than ever.

“Statistically, the training that most people get from their workplace as being applied at home and in the community. Especially with the current pandemic right now, there’s been a rise of cardiac arrests incidents at home and in the community," said Arvin Fontarum.

Fontarum is the Regional Training Service Executive for our area. He said you can learn the lifesaving skills at home. 

“What happens is training materials are sent to students preferred location prior to class and students and instructors practice skills, practice, and testing via web conference using the Red Cross virtual skills guidance," said Fontarum.

He said you can get the same equipment used in the classes sent right to your front door. You can take the virtual class at your own pace with the help of an American Red Cross certified instructor. 

“We’re doing the skill assessment with them and instructing them how to properly put the pads on the victim, how to perform CPR using the mannequins. Our mannequin, which we call Big Red, has a feedback system so our instructors can actually see it if they are doing a good compression," said Fontarum.

He said the virtual class is supervised by a certified Red Cross instructor, and the skills you learn could help save a loved one’s life. 

“It equips you, as an individual, [with] the knowledge on what to do in case of an emergency of a cardiac arrest. That gives that victim a more probability of surviving before EMS, firefighters, or police shows up," said Fontarum.

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