Former Broken Arrow Star Thrilled To Enter 7th Season In Major Leagues

Friday, February 12th 2021, 10:35 pm

Archie Bradley could have played football for the University of Oklahoma, instead he’s entering his seventh season in the Major Leagues, this year with the Philadelphia Phillies. 

Bradley is proud that he carries his Oklahoma roots every time he steps foot on the mound. His time in MLB has been even more special, getting the chance to play against his childhood friend and current Brewer pitcher Adrian Houser.

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A fresh start and a new city, Muskogee native and Broken Arrow alum Bradley couldn't be more excited to begin his seventh MLB season with the Philadelphia Phillies.

"You look at what they have done this offseason, humbly speaking, adding myself getting JT Realmuto to sign back and Didi Gregorius to sign back, you have a guy like Harper who signed 10 years of his career to be there. Philly is a place to be," said Bradley.

Bradley, along with the rest of Major League Baseball, had to play in empty stadiums throughout the whole year. 

He was traded for the first time in his career from the Arizona Diamondbacks to the Cincinnati Reds. This also marked the first time in his career that at the season end the Reds declined to give him a contract. That move, according to Bradley, ultimately made him a better pitcher. 

"It’s a crazy thing, I was so setup and had such a good thing in Arizona. Of course, it is a business, it is a game, I got traded for 26 days, it was such a short time it almost seems like it didn't even happen," said Bradley.

He started his journey in the majors as a starter and then moved to bullpen and now is a closer.

"I just wanted to pitch well. Once I took on that attitude and have that mindset ‘just give me the ball, whatever inning, whatever role’ and that’s what I would say transition has been and the most fun, just go pitch," said Bradley.

Even though Bradley will be playing in a new city, he still carries his Oklahoma roots.

"We go back to the pride thing from Oklahoma. I think Adrian and I started playing together when we were seven years old. Adrian’s dad Mike taught Adrian and I the curve ball that we still throw in the big leagues. There’s times after I strikeout a guy out I say, ‘thanks Mike,’" said Bradley.

"We have pictures of us on big league fields playing against each other so it’s something that is truly special and that’s something a lot of people can't say," said Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Adrian Houser.