Camera Catches 2 Men Stealing Trailer From Rogers County Business

Sunday, February 21st 2021, 10:45 pm
By: Johnny Resendiz


Surveillance video from a camera next door shows two men sneaking inside a Rogers County shop Thursday while the owner was away.

"You just feel so violated and it just disappoints you in the human race these days, you know?” retired race car driver and business owner Jack Howerton said.

Three days later, the trailer was found at another store. 

One of the men who stole the trailer brought it in to have it get worked on, which was when the owner recognized Howerton's name on the items.

If it wasn't for shop owner recognizing Howerton's name, Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton said they would have never found the trailer.  

"To have a racing community with people that competes viciously against each other come together to work just as hard to try to help one another,” Walton said. “This is one of the best cases.”

Howerton was surprised by how much the local racing community cared about his belongings being stolen.

Not only did the Oklahoma racing community help find Howerton’s trailer, it is also one of the closest-knit groups he's seen since he was in racing.

"There’s something special about Oklahoma and Oklahoma race people, and even Oklahoma in general," Howerton said.